1 employee

The cost of services is from one monthly employee's income, depending on the complexity of the vacancy

3 or more employees

When hiring from three employees per staff, you will receive a 10% discount on the amount of our transaction

Batch hiring

When hiring full staff for a branch, department, or several of the same vacancies. You will receive an individual discount and conditions.

Subscription service

Search for new employees, replacement of old ones, support. The monthly payment for our services and conditions are individual for each client.

How we are working

Getting to know you and your business. We identify needs and tasks

We carry out an initial analysis. We determine the terms for which we guarantee you 3-5 candidates. We sign a contract

We make a list of companies where suitable candidates can work. We draw up a long list of candidates for further selection of the most suitable

We establish initial contact with candidates. We conduct telephone interviews. We conduct an extended interview with the most suitable ones.
We provide you with a list of 3-5 candidates. We organize or accompany your negotiations with candidates.
You conduct interviews and select the most suitable candidate for the job.
Important! We make a free warranty replacement of the candidate, during the trial period.
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