Arguments “for” and “against” employment abroad

This article discusses all the main arguments “for” and “against” employment abroad.

Today, many Ukrainians are thinking about the issue of employment abroad. And 6 million of our compatriots have already brought this idea to life, having gone abroad and getting a job with local employers. In this article we will try to answer the question: “Is it really so good to work abroad?” And also consider what must be considered and taken into account before deciding to leave for another country in search of career happiness?

So let’s first look at the benefits of working abroad. If you get a job for a foreign employer, then you will have such opportunities as:

– to see a new country, to discover a new culture, new people;
– learn a foreign language;
– make more money;
– to obtain citizenship of an economically rich country, capable of providing its citizens with a high quality of life.

However, no matter how wonderful and happy the prospect of living and working abroad may seem, there are also disadvantages here:

– You will have to leave your home, relatives and friends;
– possible psychological difficulties with adaptation to a foreign culture and new people;
– Difficulties in understanding with foreigners due to your imperfect knowledge of their language;
– the risk of loss of professional skills and the chance of career growth due to employment in a low-skilled position;
– a threat to your safety and even life.

Well, we have considered all the main arguments “for” and “against” employment in other countries. Based on the information received, you can make a decision as to whether you should go abroad. To do this, try to weigh and evaluate your own capabilities as objectively as possible. First of all, you should think about whether you can get a job in your specialty abroad (does the country you want to go to need specialists like you? Is your diploma valid there? Do you know the native language of this country?).

If, after analyzing your opportunities for employment abroad, you come to the conclusion that in the country to which you would like to go, you have no chance of getting a job corresponding to your specialty, then seriously think about whether it is worth the risk at all? Of course, even low-skilled work in more developed countries will be paid much higher than in our country. However, be aware that when you are abroad you will have to spend more on food, clothing and transportation. Moreover, low-skilled work means, as a rule, the performance of a very difficult and not prestigious job for local residents.

But if all these cons have not diminished your desire to work abroad, and if you are confident in your health and strength, then you can try to implement your plan. However, if you nevertheless decide to get a job in another country, follow all safety measures to protect yourself from falling into an unpleasant and dangerous situation.

Remember that it is worth concluding an employment agreement with a foreign employer even before you leave your homeland. Sign all agreements only after carefully reading them. Also note that the employment document must contain detailed information regarding working conditions, job responsibilities, wages, and so on. Also be aware that phrases such as “and similar jobs,” “and others,” may suggest that you may be forced to do a completely different job that you expected. And best of all, contact an experienced lawyer to explain to you all your risks and responsibilities when signing a contract.

When leaving for the cordon, make a couple of copies of your passport and other important documents. Take a few copies with you, and leave a few for your loved ones to save. They should also have complete information about where you will be located abroad, which company to work for, the name of the employer, all the necessary coordinates and phone numbers by which they can contact you if necessary. You have to stock up on the numbers and addresses of the foreign diplomatic mission of your home country. And after you arrive in another country, immediately register at the embassy.

Successful job search.

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